About the Program


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MPM stands for the  Multi-Process-Model approach to learning in mathematics. MPM is a well-sequenced math program that promotes  the usefulness of abstration by modelling the logic behind problems in different ways. 

The main aim of MPM is to show children that there are many approaches to the same problem and thus we do not restrict children to any particular approach to problems and instead we encourage them to discover their own processes for solutions.

Learning System – MPM is a self-learning system personalized for each student. Through the PSL (Personalized System of Learning) approach, MPM students optimize their learning independently, with minimal guidance from the instructor.

Goals – MPM has four main goals for its students:

  • To promote problems solving skills through the development of independent, divergent, and creative thinking.
  • To encourage student’s active self-learning attitude through PSL.
  • To strengthen self-confidence by continuously challenging the new and the unknown.
  • To enjoy learning math.

 Instead of lecturing to a large class of students with the same level materials, its unique design best fits the  special needs of each individual.

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